Evangelism – Our dedicated team reaches out to members and non-members with the good news of Jesus Christ in Word and deed.

Assisting Communion and visitation ministers – This is a group of trained people who visit our local nursing homes and shut-ins to bring them the healing presence of Jesus Christ through visits, prayers and the distribution of Holy Communion.

Meals that heal – This group of people provide meals to individuals after they are released from the hospital.

Prayer Team – On the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month, members of the church gather together to pray for people and their needs, as well as things happening in our community and beyond.  We are serious about the power of prayer at St. Paul.

Bereavement team – provides for families and individuals after the loss of a loved one; from meals, care baskets, or printed materials to help in the grief process. 

Welcome Team – These folks work to make sure people are invited, welcomed and plugged into ministry opportunities at church.